Big Data Developer

There is not much difference between Developer and Big Data developer, only thing is as a Big Data Developer, you should have awareness about various technologies used in Project. You should have clear picture about how the Hadoop ecosystem mechanism and its components. You also have to figure out how NoSQL Structures store the data and different formats. Practical knowledge on Query Languages which supports the different NoSQL data bases to do the ETL, OLTP and OLAP processes.

Who is a big data developer?

Big Data developer Job is Similar to Software Developer, but works on Big data Domain. Hadoop developer need to understand the requirements of the Data Analyst and Architect. Bigdata developer should have fair knowledge about the architecture of the Hadoop and its ecosystem to pull out the data from the different platforms, some what understanding of the Analytics. Big data is not a single technology as go straight line as PHP or Java Developer. It is a combination of different technologies and with different structures of data. In general, ETL interact with only Structured Data, but in case of Big Data Developer need to play with different structures as Structured data, Semi Structured and Un Structured data in Terabits or Zettabits of data. There are different kinds of requirements for each project like IOT applications, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Security Audit etc., As Big Data is not a Subject to Simply learn it by going through Books, mostly it is practical oriented learning, you can find Model Projects and Free environment to Practice the Projects. Most of the time we will provide free consultancy to become a good Big Data developer. Job of Hadoop developer also includes understanding and working to come up with solutions to problems, designing and architecting along with strong documenting skills.

Skills Required for Hadoop Developer or Big Data Developer
as a fresher orExperienced Developer?

Once you decided to become a big data developer, then give more concentration on following roadmap. Here I have followed same roadmap to get into data science:

Right now, you have to concentrate on your programming skills. Please go through following languages:

  • Java (Basic requirement for Big data Developer future)
  • Big Data Ecosystem
  • Mathematics for Big data Example : Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra etc.,
  • Statistics and Graphs
  • Data Structure & Algorithm (Most Important)
  • Python (Most useful language in the world of data science)
  • SQL (Here you start playing with data)
  • Knowledge in ETL Development Process.
  • Knowledge on Data Warehousing: this includes OLAP (Online Analytical Processing),
  • OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) queries etc. One should have the ability to handle terabytes of data.

What is the Experience required for a Hadoop developer profile?or
Experienced Developer?

Any Developer can easily migrate to Big Data or Hadoop development, Big Data development also similar to normal programming and only thing is need to work on Big data.

I have simplified the requirements and included in the course content of the developers curriculum, please go through step by step and learn the mandatory skills first and there is no definite skillset for the Big Data developer. Since these are the basic requirements and once you dwell into this, there is a long list of things to learn based on the domain and business on hand. First get in tot the job and can learn it easily with out any struggle because of environment supports you a lot. And get much help from the Hardware and Software vendors.

Hadoop Developer Roles and Responsibilities:

What are the responsibilities of a Hadoop developer?

  • Supporting MapReduce programs running on the Hadoop cluster
  • Develop MapReduce Programs as per the Project Requirement
  • Prepare the beautiful user-friendly interface to get and display the map reduce results
  • Managing and Reviewing Hadoop Log Files
  • Develop ETL, OLTP, OLAP on No SQL Databases
  • Define the job flows and run Hadoop jobs through scheduler

Additional qualifications should include not limit to but?